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An update to the current NRIC Generator.

TooxSG includes

– Singapore NRIC Generator that can generate valid NRIC numbers with prefix S, G, F or T

– Singapore Car Plate Checksum Generator (aka last alphabet) – Allows you to know the last alphabet of the car plate. For example, you only know the carplate SKH1234, the Car plate checksum generator will be able to generate the last alphabet for you which will be SKH1234M.

– Best view using iOS (iPhone) – Allows you to save it in your bookmark and let you use it on the go (be it generating fake nric number for surveys)

(save it in your iPhone/iPad’s bookmark now !)

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NEEDs the love bangle in white gold ! liek right now ~

Price Check as of  14th August 2010:

Cartier Love Bangle in Yellow Gold (No Diamond) – S$7000

Cartier Love Bangle in White Gold (No Diamond) – S$7450

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LVoe vuitton

Just in time for CNY !

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