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NEEDs the love bangle in white gold ! liek right now ~

Price Check as of  14th August 2010:

Cartier Love Bangle in Yellow Gold (No Diamond) – S$7000

Cartier Love Bangle in White Gold (No Diamond) – S$7450 » Entry Louis Vuitton



LVoe vuitton

Just in time for CNY ! » Entry Merry Christmas 2009 !

Merry Christmas everyone. Lucky to be able to book out on xmas’s eve afternoon ! Posted to 2SIR as a rifleman, but I’m in the support coy as a pioneer aka combat engineer. If you’re from enhanced leadership batch, NEVER put No to command school during the Express Interest (EI). Unless you want to be posted to xiong unit. Majority of those posted to 2SIR (excluding the mono intake) put No to command sch when we were in Tekong and thats how we landed at 2SIR. Nonetheless, I was lucky to be in the support coy.

Now, my new purchases !


Dior Homme Made in Japan (MIJ) Raw in Indigo


Blackberry Bold 9700 aka Blackberry Bold 2


My BBB2 with Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Ebene Wallpaper !">Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).
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