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An update to the current NRIC Generator.

TooxSG includes

– Singapore NRIC Generator that can generate valid NRIC numbers with prefix S, G, F or T

– Singapore Car Plate Checksum Generator (aka last alphabet) – Allows you to know the last alphabet of the car plate. For example, you only know the carplate SKH1234, the Car plate checksum generator will be able to generate the last alphabet for you which will be SKH1234M.

– Best view using iOS (iPhone) – Allows you to save it in your bookmark and let you use it on the go (be it generating fake nric number for surveys)

(save it in your iPhone/iPad’s bookmark now !) » Entry iPhone Timetable

Customized my “Slide-to-Unlock” screen to display my timetable according to the current day using javascript. I took quite some time optimizing it since I don’t know why css techniques to center text doesn’t work. You’ll have to specify the pixels manually to “center” it. Troublesome man.

PS: The calender is coded by my brother (its done in Javascript too). I just added in the displaying of timetable. » Entry Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone Review

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone


Fedex Shipping Process from USA to Singapore

I made my purchase for the Sena UltraSlim Pouch on 12th March and they processed and shipped my order on the 14th March. Fedex delivered my case on 17th March and that took me total around 5 days for me to get my case which is quite fast in my opinion (I’m based in Singapore). The picture above shows the whole process of Fedex Delivery.

Martin Field’s Screen Protector for iPhone

I’m currently using the Martin Field’s Screen Protector for iPhone. I bought it from Mobile Square at Far East Plaza for SGD$24 and they applied the screen protector for me. I must say it was a perfect application for the screen protector, no dust, no dirt, no nothing. Thumbs up for Mobile Square. The reason I chose Martin Field over Invisible Shield/Bodyguardz/Best Skin Ever/Anti Glare Flim is because I’ve been using Martin Field for all my gadgets and I’m very impressed by the quality. The Martin Field Screen Protector is on my PSP for about more than 2 years and it is still going strong. Not turning yellow, protects it from scratches and most importantly, the screen is very clear. Sena Ultraslim Pouch is able to fit the iPhone with Martin Field’s Screen Protector. So, no issues about that.

Sena Ultraslim Pouch for iPhone

Everyone that has the ultraslim pouch was telling me that the quality of the leather is good and indeed, it is really good. After touching the leather, i proceeded to insert my iPhone into the case. However, I’ve a hard time inserting it in ! It is still able to fit in but just that you will encounter difficulty putting in for the first time. I was worried that I would have a hard time taking/putting back the iPhone in when I need to use the phone. After a few tries of taking and putting back in the iPhone, the process becomes much smoother and after using it for 1 day, you would have the hang of it and would be able to put it in with not much difficulty. The ultraslim pouch inside is made of some kind of velvet material and it won’t scratch your phone even with the constant procedure of taking it in and out and thats one very good point of the pouch.

The ultraslim pouch feels good when you hold in your hands, it is slim and the leather is soft and nice to touch. I’m quite sure that the pouch won’t be as tight as times goes by (due to the fact that you’re constantly taking in/out the phone) but that doesn’t really matter. Infact, I would prefer it to be looser abit, just abit. I’ve read reviews about the pouch’s velvet lining is separating from the leather after a long period of use. I would not be able to comment on that until I’ve use the pouch for a long period of time.

All in all, the Sena Ultraslim Pouch case is still worth the money. If I had the extra cash, I would have gone with Seidio Innocase (Black) for iPhone instead. That is because I find it a little troublesome to keep taking the phone in and out.



– Slim

– Good quality leather

– Looks professional


– Initially, it will be too tight

– Troublesome to take the iPhone in and out of case

– Doesn’t last that well*

– Case loosen too much after long period of use*

Those with the * means that I’ve not encountered that as my ultraslim pouch is still new BUT i’ve read online reviews about the mentiond issue.


Review after a few months of usage :

I’ve thrown the case aside somewhere in my house cause this the Sena Ultraslim simplys sucks. The case get really loose just within odd 3 months of usage. What I mean by loose is that, when you hold your iPhone (with the case) in an upside down position, the iPhone will just slide out. Yes, its that loose just within 3 months of usage. Thats the first problem.

Second problem which is that the case’s inner lining has came off. Thats something I don’t expect from sucha “good” case just within 3 months. Total bullshit and not worth every single of my cents. I’ve attached a few photos below to show how the inner lining has came off.

The last problem would be that it has left some PERMANENT marks on my iPhone. Small little dots on the back of my iPhone which is like impossible to remove. I’ve tried to take some pictures of the “dots” but it just won’t show up on the camera. However, I assure you that it is visually visible and quite an irritating sight to look at. To my suprise, mine it not an isolated case because 1 of my friend who have the exact same pouch in the red color also encountered ALL of my above problems. Imagine having your iPhone leaving some red dots ?.

Verdict: AVOID THIS CASE AT ALL CAUSE.">Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).
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